Milly Blue (live) - Hang The DJ
Hang The DJ presents Milly Blue, 17th January 2010,  Distrilkt, Leeds
For out first Sunday Acoustic Roast session we welcome the amazing Milly Blue.
Here's a little about Milly ...

19, Milly Blue gets a ridiculous opportunity to sing with Basement Jaxx and ends up duetting with Felix on 'Hot n Cold' on Kish Kash, featuring alongside the likes of Dizzee Rascal and Siouxsie Sioux. She gets a special mention from NME in the review commending the 'dreamy romanticism' that her voice brings to the album. They ask her to perform at Leeds University with them whilst they're touring and she spends weeks fretting over what to wear.

22, gets another call from Basement Jaxx and performs lead vocals on three new songs on their album Crazy Itch Radio. (Lily Allen's on there doing backing...teehee!)
Milly Blue realises that her songs aren't that bad after all and pens another couple.

Christmas 2008 she gets a new ukulele, the Holy Grail of concert-sized ukes. Walnut and spruce with a pick-up fitted inside it, she is no longer the bain of every sound man's life and feels complete whenever it is near.
So here we are at 2009. A new outlook and a much more developed sound. No proper recordings just yet but March looks like the time.


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