Cosmic Slop #4 - Hang The DJ
Cosmic Slop, Friday 16th April, Hope House Galley, Leeds
Cosmic Slop returns to Hope House Gallery this Friday for a very special Easter holiday throw down.

If you came to any of Slops 1-3, thank you (sincerely) for helping to create the unique atmosphere of this truly special little get together of ours. 
This time music duties will be manned solely by our residents, so there will be more space for Teddy, Mike and Horace and play wider than ever. So, as ever expect the unexpected; from Afro to Latin, New wave to No wave, Disco, Italo, Reggae, Jackin' Chicago to NYC 1980. 

As ever, if you want to come get your names down on the list, either on the wall here, or by emailing us at

Donation on the door will be £5 and as ever all monies will go to the charity behind the Hope House Gallery arts centre, supporting arts and music projects for 'hard to reach' groups of kids.

Please be aware that our capacity is 120 and once we're full we're full so if it's late you might not get in. We always suggest you come down early, but there's extra incentive this month as the doors will be closed at 12.

This months Slop is in association with Flopplegangers; an exhibition of international contempory art opening earlier in the day and put together by the same people who brought the Samenhang exhibition to the Hope House Gallery last year. The event promises to be memorable and we suggest you check it out beforehand, if only to check the mad venue and free booze.

For more info and directions for Flopplegangers, email:

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