Cosmic Slop #1 - Hang The DJ
Hang The DJ presents Cosmic Slop w/ John K, Saturday February 13th, Hope House Gallery, Leeds

We have teamed up with Cosmic Slop to bring you a series of monthly parties that will uniquely bring the true essence of underground parties back to Leeds. 

The Concept is simple: the best sound system in Leeds bar none, a unique venue to party in, a small intimate crowd of music lovers and party goers and of course a music policy which does not exist anywhere in Leeds….FACT!

JON K was one of the record pushers at the world famous FAT CITY RECORDS. He also ran EYES DOWN with sidekick KELVIN BROWN, creating a truly open-minded space that is so rare in clubbing today. A night at Eyes Down was an odyssey through music that few clubs would dare to take you on, as the residents and a hand picked selection of global guests took you very deep into their collections. Listening to JON K is never the same experience twice; every beat is more essential than the last. We have been dying to get JON K on for years and now the time is here... We can't wait to hear what's in his record bags. 


The inspiration for the creation of the Cosmic Slop Sound System was the classic NYC sound systems like Nicky Siano’s Gallery, or Larry Levan’s Paradise Garage, built by soundman Richard Long. Many of the components are exactly the same as used in these systems and are found hardly anywhere these days.

The speaker stacks are pretty much what they had in Nicky Siano’s Gallery in NY, but they share a lot in common with the Paradise Garage too. We’re using a Bozak mixer with a Richard Long crossover built by Mario G from NYC. Then of course there’s the room, which is treated with sound baffles and panels that absorb the sound, ‘tuning’ the room ‘til it sounds just right.

Hope House Gallery is tucked away in a part of town that is not frequented by clubbers. The space is truly unique, a gallery by day and an intimate party space by night. Capacity is limited to 120 people, entry will only be permitted if your name is on the guestlist and of course every attendee will be treated to the best party to come to Leeds for some time. 

For some time now we have all grown very bored with going to super clubs to see superstar DJ’s play super sets - rooms full of ego, testosterone, bad taste, scenesters and a very stale music policy. At Cosmic Slop the music policy is eclectic, expect sounds from around the world, be it Techno, House, Disco, Dubstep, Boogie, RnB, Electro, Funk, Soul, Reggae and all the bits in between. Where else can you hear PRINCE mixed in to FOUR TET or SNOOP DOG mixed in to FLOATING POINTS, or even JOY ORBISON mixed in to SISTER SLEDGE? 

Capacity for the night is only 120 and entry is only possible via the guest list, so if you want to be part of the most unique of unique parties get your name down here, or alternatively contact us here.
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