Bellevue Bowling Club present LuckyMe - Hang The DJ
Bellevue Bowling Club presents LuckyMe, Friday 14th May, A Nation Of Shopkeepers
This Friday Bellevue Bowling Club will be joined be LuckyMe's Eclair Fifi and Respite for a very special LuckyMe showcase.
(E)Clair (Fifi) has an encyclopedic knowledge of italo, electro, hip hop & club music and incorporating this knowledge into her DJ sets has already got her a rep on her home turf in Edinburgh which is now beginning to spread further afield. 

Joe Respite is a producer. He lives in Leeds. He's 21. He's originally from Edinburgh. He makes amazing two step and techno influenced dubstep, but his DJ sets will take in anything from hip-hop to techno.

As ever residents Tom Thorpe, Horace James and Deputy Disco will be mixing up the usual blend of Psych Soul, Afro, Hip Hop, Celestial Boogie, Dubstep, House, D&B, Trouser Jazz and Interstellar Funk 

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